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Leah Abraham

Owner, Co-Founder

Leah Abraham the successful business owner and devoted mother. Leah takes pride in working alongside her husband, and children. She first decided to open Settepani in Harlem in the late 90’s when she was so in love with the architect and how wide the streets on Lenox Avenue are. She is one of the pioneers of the Restaurant scene in Harlem. She worked relentlessly to get business owners to open in Harlem so that Settepani was not the only business around. She is a firm believer. that a community is stronger together and we are only as good as the community around us. 

Leah is Ethiopian born Eritrean, at a young age had to move to America, and Harlem quickly became her and her family's home. Before moving to America, she lived in different parts of the world making her fluent in several languages. Most of her life she lived in Ethiopia where ironically enough her love for Italian products started, way before she met her husband Nino, at a young age she was exposed to Panettone because her grandfather was the first to import Italian items like Panettone to Ethiopia.

Leah has a deep appreciation for her home’s cultural heritage. This appreciation is evident in the way she runs her businesses, incorporating elements of both Ethiopian and Italian cultures on the menus and decor of Settepani. She is actively involved in various charitable organizations that support education and empowerment in Ethiopia, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact in the world.