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a woman holding a cake

Chef Bilen "Bilena" Settepani

Executive Pastry Chef, Instructor, Creative Director & Marketing

Bilena Settepani is a talented young entrepreneur, and pastry chef, raised in a family of both bakers and restaurateurs, and from a young age, she was immersed in the world of food and hospitality. Bilena’s first word was “Dabo” which in Ethiopia means bread; many of our patrons have seen Bilena work every position from starting as in her early teen’s maître d, bussing, waiting tables, bartender, manager and more as she studied and even on the side as she started a career in fashion. When the pandemic hit she dropped everything and quit her job to step up and take care of the family's business while the Settepani family like everyone else was facing hardship in all aspects of life. Bilena's passion for pastry began at a young age, as she would spend time at both locations but always trying to get her hands on the action and was always curious to try things. Her love for food goes beyond the kitchen as she also runs our monthly classes. After receiving a degree at High Point University, she attended Institute of Culinary Education where she honed her skills and developed a deep appreciation for the art of pastry making. After graduation, she worked in some of the top pastry kitchens in the world, gaining valuable experience and perfecting her craft. 

Bilena is the vision behind the brand at Settepani, she oversees out marketing and works side by side with Chef Nino to constantly evolve to pastry program at Settepani, where she is responsible for creating the restaurant's dessert menu, managing our e - commerce, and overseeing the pastry line of products. She brought a fresh and innovative perspective to the business, when she decided to help her family bring Settepani forward instead of folding when times get tough. She has helped to elevate the Settepani brand and expand its reach beyond the local community, and continues to find ways to give back to our community.