Thanksgiving Menu

Pick- up: no later than 4pm November 26

Complete Thanksgiving Feast for 12  

$380 Plus tax
includes mixed green salad and bread

Per Person
$45 Plus tax 


Organic Fresh Roasted Turkey with choice of:

-sauteed bread with shallots, sausage and sage stuffing

-wild mushroom with rice stuffing

-corn bread with bourbon, pecan and sausage stuffing

substitutions:  salmon with endives or organic chicken with stuffing

Sides (choose 3)

-brussel sprouts with crispy pancetta (optional)
-roasted sweet potatoes and beets
-baked butternut squash with butter and maple syrup
-orange-glazed cranberries
-mashed potatoes with celery root
-pureed sweet potatoes and carrots with ginger
-sauteed kale with currants and pinenuts
-penne al forno

Desserts (choose 2)

Pie - choice of:
sweet potato, pecan, apple, cherry, blueberry, coconut custard

Cheese cakes - choice of:
pumpkin, sweet potatoe, cherry