The Bottom-Line Reasons for Mixing the Young and Old at Work

Harlem’s Settepani has all the hallmarks of a hipster restaurant: a playwright on staff helped draft the menu, another worker staged an exhibit featuring his photography, and a musician waits tables between gigs. What’s unusual is how seasoned this eclectic crew looks.

February 10, 2014


Ristoranti Settepani

Ristoranti Settepani, owned by Leah Abraham, is a full hospitality experience focusing on quality and over the past ten years it has evolved into an eclectic and welcoming intersection for long time residents, tourists and the new generation of Harlemites.



Set in sedate Seventh Avenue, this buzzy enoteca’s sleek, wood-accented design seems more Park Avenue than Park Slope.

April 16. 2010


Harlem's Good Ol' Days

To support Reddick’s mission, Settepani’s co-owner Leah Abraham, a native of Ethiopia, added Jewish dishes to her menu for the duration of the exhibit...

January 25, 2013


Harlem Rocks

As good as it was, cuisine was never the draw for Café Settepani's innumerable loungers.
Ristorante Settepani with a subtle décor and elegant flowers, its food offerings are more wonderful than ever before. 

June 3, 2010


Lenox Avenue Pioneer Settepani Doubling Down its Bet

When Settepani opened in 2001, it was a pioneer in the Central Harlem neighborhood at Lenox Avenue and West 120th Street. Over time, the casual cafe and bakery became a mainstay and then, last year, transformed into a more formal Italian restaurant, Ristoranti Settepani.

How to Cook With Fresh and Healthy Produce in Harlem

Leah Abraham, chef and owner of Settepani, held a cooking demo at the Lenox Hill Farmer’s Market on 117th Street and Lenox Avenue Saturday. She used ingredients from the market to make her Tuscan bean soup.


Recipe for recovery: After recession, small businesses take steps to bounce back in uncertain times

Abraham opened the Lenox Ave. business with her husband, Nino Settepani, as a café in 2001. When the economy soured in 2007, they nearly had to close up shop as residents passed on pricey extras like pastries and cappuccinos.


Banking on Their Bakery

Restaurateurs make a downtown-style cafe in East Harlem their main course


History’s on every corner in Harlem

We checked our list of suggestions from locals and followed the advice of Williams, who insisted we visit Settepani, a new Italian cafe and bakery on 120th Street. Furnished with leather seats and small marbled table tops, the hip cafe was not far from where we saw the French couple and near where we saw the man pushing the cart.


Harlem on the Rise

On a BRISK SUNDAY afternoon, Settepani, an Italian cafe and bakery on 120th Street and Mal- colm X Boulevard in Harlem, is jumping. A group of young White women settle in for hot coffee and a long chat. Not far away sits an African American man with cascading dreads, munching away on a fresh salad, while a young Black woman nearby clicks away at the keyboard of her laptop. 


Shopping Harlem

Settepani Bakery
196 Lenox Avenue
A European-style pastry shop that also serves light meals.


Coming Up Harlem

November 2002


Up in Harlem
The future looks golden for New York City’s famous quarter, but what role will the past play?

July/August 2002


Great Days in Harlem

A neighborhood renaissance is in full swing above Manhattan’s Central Park. What are you waiting for?

April 2003