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Kevin Harris Trio

  • Settepani 196 Lenox Ave New York, NY, 10026 United States (map)

In jazz, as in life, for there to be a genuine exchange of ideas, listening is as crucial as talking.

"With a [jazz] trio, it's like a conversation - it's me, you, and another guy," says Kevin Harris, a jazz pianist who grew up in Kentucky and lives in Boston's Mission Hill neighborhood. "And say one guy is in a really talkative mood, so you and I just kinda hang back and listen - if he has some important things to say. If he's just running off at the mouth, we'll probably cut him off. But if somebody starts a good topic, then we'll all jump in and build on that. A lot of that I got from [pianist] Danilo Perez - that playfulness, that ability to listen, that push and pull."

-The Boston Globe