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The privilege of a strong family dynamic has nurtured the indomitable mind, woman and entrepreneur that is Leah Abraham. Her success is a combination of providing impact and solutions for community initiatives and families alike, while managing her respective roles within her own business and family structure. Her pathos is rooted in balance, service and moderation. Her journey from Ethiopia to America, in 1976, reinforced the need to be courageous and to love, especially during the dark moments of her evolution. Having grown up in several continents and speaking different languages including Amharic, English, Tigrinya, French and Italian, an immersive experience in the different cultures throughout her journey has reinforced the value of Leah's Ethiopian heritage. In fact, while juggling being a wife, mother and business woman over the past 16 years, she is humbled to have children who are at the heart of everything she does, a husband who is the kindest and wisest person she knows, and a business that allows her to entertain and provide positive solutions daily. She admits that remaining positive in all circumstances, has been the secret to her success.



Antonio 'Nino' Settepani' migrated from Palermo to Williamsburg with his parents and twin brother Biagio, shortly after the official opening of the World Trade Center and the CBS sold the New York Yankees in 1973. It was not an easy transition for 13 year old Nino Settepani at the time, but despite his limited English, Nino's determination and discipline facilitated the opportunity to further his culinary interests while completing his studies at New York University. It was while at NYU that Nino's first venture in entrepreneurship commenced. He partnered with Biagio to open their first bakery and together, the teenagers raised the money to buy the concept. Upon completing his education at NYU, Nino continued to master his expertise at the French Culinary Institute, under the leadership of giants like Jacques Pepin and Alian Sailhac and alongside students like Bobby Flay. His grand design has brought a few successful concepts, including the famed Cafe Bondi, to satisfy the vibrant New York crave for the Italian food culture. Now after two decades, Nino's latest concept, 'Settepani', still continues to indulge the palettes, memories and desires of both natives and tourists alike.